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Top Grade, Middle Grade and Low Grade of TCM

Traditional Chinese medicine can divided into top grade, middle grade and low grade.
Top grade can make body healthy and prolong life. It is innocuous. It is safe to use. Such as lily and tuckahoe, they can not only used as medicine, but also taken as food in daily life.
Middle grade is not so good as top grade, but it can also cure disease. But it can not use for a long time because it has some side-effect.
Low grade are such herbs which are nocuous. They can just use for a short time. For example, radix aconiti agrestis(草乌) can used as anaesthetic, and it can also be used as pain-killer. But it must be used under doctor’s advise, or it will lead to danger. Some herbal wine as radix aconiti agrestis in it, if you drink it for a long time, you may get heart trouble, moreover, you may die of it.

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