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Tea for renal damp and hot

Renal damp and hot has the symptom of eyelid edema, leg edema, waist sour and fatigue, have blood in urinate, proteinuria, urinate short and yellow, muddy.

If you have such symptoms you can choose couchgrass root(茅根) and lotus leaf(荷叶) boil to drink as tea.
Couchgrass root is sweet and cold, belongs to lung, stomach and  bladder channel. It can make blood cool and hemostasis, clear heat and diuresis, and clear heat of lung and stomach. It is also called funnel drug because it can make all damp and hot of five organs and the six hollow organs to go through by pee, just as a funnel.
Lotus leaf is faint scent, it can clear heat and good for damp go away, tonify spleen, make yang go up. It can also remove blood stasis and hemostasis.
Take 20g of couchgrass root, 10g of locus leaf, boil it and you can drink it for a whole day. Often drink it can clear heat and let damp go. It can also lose weight for fat people. You can take it for five days and stop a few days then drink again. It is not good for stomach weak people and pregnant women.
This kind of tea is only a way of regimen, if your damp and hot symptom is heavy, you’d better go to your doctor’s and ask for his advise.

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