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Gypsum is the represent herb of acrid cold .It can clear away heat and toxic material. It is the major herb of patent medicine Baihu soup, so many people are afraid of its strong function when using it. However, a famous doctor used it to cure many patients.
As Shennong report, gypsum is spicy and little cold. It is not so cold but it is quite efficient to fever.
Gypsum is efficient to inflammatory diseases such as cephalitis, pneumonia, hepatitis, nephritis. Cephalitis patients often have cold limbs so doctors may be afraid to use cold herbs. In fact, surface cold means inner heat, the more the cold is outside, the more the heat is inside. So cold herb is necessary for this condition. Read more…

Get inflamed

Get inflamed is a term in Chinese medicine means imbalance of yin and yang, endogenous fire is vigorous. The so called fire is describing some hot syndrome inside body.

Fire can be divided into excess fire and deficiency fire. And some common syndromes of getting inflamed have heart fire and liver fire.

The method to cure called reduce internal heat. Take some Chinese medicine which can Read more…

Five Cereals and Five Organs

Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon said that take the five cereals as tonify food. It means that the five cereals is the base of diet and regimen. In Chinese medicine has the same saying too.

Millet and Spleen

Millet is the first of the five cereals. It has good effect on tonifying spleen and stomach. The rice bran oil which is the on the top of millet is essence, eat it instead of drop it away. Millet is good for weak people. It can tonify middle-jiao and Qi, prolong life span. Read more…

Five Qi Regimen Can Prolong Your Life

Qi is an important conception in Chinese medicine. It can be summarized as such five parts below.

Grow your vigour

Vigour is the basic substance of life. When people are chasing what they want in life, they should have a line. If excessive, it will do harm to their health. Only calm inside can grow your vigour.

Be quiet to make qi smooth

If you can take half or a hour in the day to be quiet, you can develop your potential of brain cell Read more…

Panax Go First In Autumn

Chinese medicine consider that yang is going to disappear and yin is going to grow up in autumn, so convergence is important at that time in order to avoid energy from going out. The main qi in autumn is dry. What is most important in regimen is to relieve dryness and tonify yin and replenish qi.

When it comes to replenish, panax is undoubtedly the first choice. While panax is a replenish qi drug, which will lead to some bad effect to strong people. It will lead to qi block, chest pain and abdominal distension.

Gen-seng can treat yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and put out fire, it is suitable for more people in fact. Gen-seng can tonify without dryness, it can drink as tea, making soup, porridge, chop or it can also put into mouth as slice.

American ginseng has several types. Wild American ginseng has black and dense stripe in it as lines. When Read more…

More Acid and Less Spicy When Autumn Begins

Autumn begins is a of the 24 solar terms of China. It means autumn is coming and weather turn cold after that day. At this time we should remember the rule of more acid and less spicy to protect our liver.

Nutritionist tells us that when autumn begins, the weather turn cold, consume of body decrease and appetite start to enhance. So autumn begins is the proper time for replenish. People can adjust their diet scientificly, and the principle for it is more acid and less spicy.

Su Wen said that lung is an organ related to autumn, it is convergent. Eat too quickly can Read more…

Alternative Predominance Between Yin And Yang

The relationship between yin and yang has two kinds. When yin is strong, yang is weak, or when yang is strrong, and yin is weak. These are the imbalances between the two onditions. And as conditions change constantly, it will come to the opposite side of the imbalance, which is called alternative predominance between yin and yang.

Our ancestors explained some climate change and body change with the help of this theory. If one year is usually rain and make the weather so wet, then next year will turn to be dry instead. So does the body change. If a person suffer a terrible diarrhea and his hands and feet are totally cold, which means pathogenic factors is strong. It belongs to asthenia cold syndrome. Then healthy energy is strong than pathogenic factors, these syndromes will disappear. And after that pathogenic factors will be strong, these will occur again. This condition of circulation is called alternativec predominace between yin and yang.

Sufficiency of Yang and Insufficiency of Yin

Yang is always sufficient and yin is always insufficient is a theory of Zhu Danxi, who is a famous person of Yuan dynasty. In Zhu Danxi’s theory, yang stands for essence and blood, and yin stands for energy and fire. That means deficient fire caused of the insufficiency of essence and blood. Zhu Danxi considered that essence and blood is the material basis of people’s life. It consumed time by time, and it is difficult to restore when is damaged. So in this opinion, yin is always insufficient.

If people do not take care of their essence and blood, drink too much and make love too frequently, then their yang energy will turn stronger and difficient fire will have bad influnce on Read more…


Yinyang are two opposite aspects of things. For example, up and low, warm and cold, day and night. Everything has these two aspects. And you can find the phenomenon all over the world.

What is yin and what is yang? In a word, yin is just like the water. So if one thing is agglomerate, wet and restraining as water is called yin, such as the moon, the earth, night, cold,and all materiality. These are dark, quiet, heavy, inside and low. Yang is just like the fire. So if one thing is hot, dry, ascensive can be called yang. For example, the sun, the sky, day, warm and all immateriality. These are bright, move, light, outside and up.

Read more…

The Relationship Between Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang is two opposite states fighting against each other. But they are also tight with each other, or else, both of them will not exist any longer.

Yin and Yang is in a balance state. If one is stronger, then the other will be weaker. And if one is weaker, then the other will be stronger. If the body is in an over feed state, then yin and yang will both be stronger.If the body is in a bad state, then yin and yang will both be weaker.

Yin and yang can switch from each other. If one is over developed, it will turn into the opposite one. Read more…