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Different herb for different cold

Cold is common for everyone. It is make trouble to go to see doctor, are there some good food regimen to deal with it?

Different symptoms should be cured with different medicine in Chinese medicine, though they are both cold. So as cold can devided into wind heat cold and wind cold cold, there should be different way to deal with them.
Wind heat cold can use some acrid-warm herbs relieving superficies, such as ginger and brown sugar. In addition, you can choose herba schizeneptae. Read more…

Porridge for Cold

Except for go to the doctor’s and take medicine, what other method to do to fight against cold?

In Chinese there has many ways such as ginger and brown sugar soup. It is quite efficient to some extent. However, not all cold can disappear by that, just wind-cold type of common cold can be efficient.
Cold can be de divided into wind-heat type of common cold and wind-cold type of common cold.
Wind-cold type has the symptoms of feeling cold, with light fever, clear snot, white coat of tongue, clear and white phlegm, cough slight, feel fatigue and so on. Well wind-heat type of common cold has heavier fever and slight feeling of cold, angina, cough, yellow snot, thick and yellow phlegm, headache and so on.
Here are two kind of porridge for each type of cold. Read more…