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Prepare Your Body Before Taking Medicine

kailuyaoThere is a good kind of medicine in Chinese called cream formula. But it is not proper for all people. You should p

repare yourself before taking it. If you have not take Chinese medicine before, your body can not accept it immediately. So you need take other herb medicine first. If your stomach and spleen is weak, they can not work well for digest cream formula. You should also take some common herb medicine which can amendment your stomach to have a good function.

How to Protect Your Stomach

Do not eat cold food as possible as you can. In Chinese medicine it is said cold will damage stomach yang, then cold will stay there which makes more damage.

Have a good mood. In Chinese medicine it is said anxiety will damage spleen, angry will damage stomach. So keep a good mood, smile everyday and make yourself happy.

Do not eat too much oily food and sweet food. Oily food will affect the function of spleen, make digest turn slow. Sweet food will affect the movement of qi, leave it stay in stomach. Too much qi in it will lead to stomachache and other uncomfortable feelings.

Regular diet. Eat regular is important to our health. Do not eat too much nor too quick. Both of them is harmful to your stomach. Read more…

Middle part gastric cavity

Middle part gastric cavity is an acupuncture point belongs to ren channel. It is on the stomach, in the middle line of the body, 4 inches above belly button. It has the function of helping stomach and spleen, promoting water to go through out of the body.


Stomachache, bellyache, abdominal distension, vomit, nausea, dyspepsia, borborygmus, diarrhea, constipation, hemafecia, gasp, insomnia, epilepsy, gastritis, gastric ulcer, gastrectasis, prolapse of uterus, nettle-rash, food poisoning and so on.

Regimen Of Black Rice

Black Rice can be both used as medicine and food. Its skin is black so it has another name of  black pearl. People consider it as the king of all kinds of rice all over the world due to its nutrition. Beside cooking as porridge, black rice can be cooked as many nutritious food and making wine.

Black rice has prominent drug function which is recorded in ancient Chinese medicine books. It can treat yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and tonify kidney, it can make stomach feel warm and eyes look bright. It can also make the blood flow smoothly. So it can be used to cure dizzy, anemia, white hair of young, weakness of stomach and spleen, knee and waist weakness, night blindness, singing, constipation, difficult urination, and so on. If taking it for a long time, it can make people healthier and have a long life span. In hence, people also call it medicine rice and long span rice. It Read more…


People who know regimen a lot will definitely take spleen and stomach at the first place. If it is hurt inside, people will become sad and angry without letting off. Or people will hurt by hard work and mood disorder.

In addition, spleen and stomach belong to earth in the theory of five elements. Only fire can make it grow well. So spleen and stomach which belong to earth like warm condition rather than cold. Cold food is not proper to take a lot unless people have pathogenic fire inside body. Read more…

Five Qi Regimen Can Prolong Your Life

Qi is an important conception in Chinese medicine. It can be summarized as such five parts below.

Grow your vigour

Vigour is the basic substance of life. When people are chasing what they want in life, they should have a line. If excessive, it will do harm to their health. Only calm inside can grow your vigour.

Be quiet to make qi smooth

If you can take half or a hour in the day to be quiet, you can develop your potential of brain cell Read more…

Sit On Your Knees After Meal

Before the spring and autumn period our Chinese are less or never to have obesity and gastro-intestinal conditions. Some consider that is because people do not have chair at that period they only can sit on their knees, may be this kind of sit position is good to people’s health.

Though it is just an assume, sit on knees is really proper to these lazy people, especially after meal. Sit down for work or in sofa to have a rest after meal is bad to our health. Then our stomach and intestinal are going to out of work, which will lead to digestive disorder and get fatter and fatter. Sit on knees is helpful to stomach movement and prevent from getting fat in the belly. Read more…

Sticky Rice

Synopsis: sticky rice is the seed of paddy which belongs to gramineous plants. It is also called yuan rice or glutinous rice in ancient times.

Function: it can tonify middle-Jiao and Qi, make spleen healthy and make stomach warm, strengthen exterior and reduce sweat.

Indication: deficient cold of spleen and stomach, gastric disorder causing nausea, eat less, diarrhea and so on. It can also cure weak ness of exterior of stomach, spontaneous perspiration, hidrosis and chronic diseases of digestive system.


Synopsis: leek is the leaf of chives which belongs to liliaceae. It has other name such as grass clock, strengthen yang grass and recover yang grass.

Function: replenish kidney and strengthen yang, make spleen work well and warm stomach.

Indication: weakness of kidney yang, sour and cold in waist and knee, impotence and prospermia, frequency of urinatior, weakness and cold in spleen and stomach, nausea and singultus, cold pain in belly, diarrhea or constipation.

More Acid and Less Spicy When Autumn Begins

Autumn begins is a of the 24 solar terms of China. It means autumn is coming and weather turn cold after that day. At this time we should remember the rule of more acid and less spicy to protect our liver.

Nutritionist tells us that when autumn begins, the weather turn cold, consume of body decrease and appetite start to enhance. So autumn begins is the proper time for replenish. People can adjust their diet scientificly, and the principle for it is more acid and less spicy.

Su Wen said that lung is an organ related to autumn, it is convergent. Eat too quickly can Read more…