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Prepare Your Body Before Taking Medicine

kailuyaoThere is a good kind of medicine in Chinese called cream formula. But it is not proper for all people. You should p

repare yourself before taking it. If you have not take Chinese medicine before, your body can not accept it immediately. So you need take other herb medicine first. If your stomach and spleen is weak, they can not work well for digest cream formula. You should also take some common herb medicine which can amendment your stomach to have a good function.


Blood-insufficiency seemly means lack of blood, then can we transfuse blood to tonify it?
In Chinese medicine it is not quite easy just add one thing to complement. It should be found its headwaters then deal with it. Though transfuse blood can give you more blood for some time, it can not give you enough blood forever. We should treat a kind of symptom from the base, the root of it, not just cure surface problem.
The headwater of blood is qi, qi can generate blood. So when blood is insufficienct, tonify qi can indirect raise it. Read more…

How to Protect Your Stomach

Do not eat cold food as possible as you can. In Chinese medicine it is said cold will damage stomach yang, then cold will stay there which makes more damage.

Have a good mood. In Chinese medicine it is said anxiety will damage spleen, angry will damage stomach. So keep a good mood, smile everyday and make yourself happy.

Do not eat too much oily food and sweet food. Oily food will affect the function of spleen, make digest turn slow. Sweet food will affect the movement of qi, leave it stay in stomach. Too much qi in it will lead to stomachache and other uncomfortable feelings.

Regular diet. Eat regular is important to our health. Do not eat too much nor too quick. Both of them is harmful to your stomach. Read more…


Will is composed of wish and aspiration said in Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon. Wish is the expression of god of spleen, and aspiration is the expression of god of kidney. Spleen has the function of transfer and digest, so it reflect the relationship of the body.

Aspiration condition can be told by your kidney. When you are young, your kidney is in best condition, so children have the biggest aspiration. When getting old, your kidney turn in bad health, so old people always have no aspiration at all.

Five Cereals and Five Organs

Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon said that take the five cereals as tonify food. It means that the five cereals is the base of diet and regimen. In Chinese medicine has the same saying too.

Millet and Spleen

Millet is the first of the five cereals. It has good effect on tonifying spleen and stomach. The rice bran oil which is the on the top of millet is essence, eat it instead of drop it away. Millet is good for weak people. It can tonify middle-jiao and Qi, prolong life span. Read more…


People who know regimen a lot will definitely take spleen and stomach at the first place. If it is hurt inside, people will become sad and angry without letting off. Or people will hurt by hard work and mood disorder.

In addition, spleen and stomach belong to earth in the theory of five elements. Only fire can make it grow well. So spleen and stomach which belong to earth like warm condition rather than cold. Cold food is not proper to take a lot unless people have pathogenic fire inside body. Read more…

Five Signals Of Stomach And Spleen Disorder(3)

Lip decrustation is often due to deficiency of spleen qi

If the spleen qi is in good condition and have enough nutrition, then the lip will be red and shining, the muscle will be flexible. If the spleen qi is deficient and less nutritious, then the lip will turn pale and lose its shining or even turn yellow and dry. So if your lip is pale and lose its blood color, often decrustation or eversion, these mean that your spleen need a health check up.

How to deal with it

People with a weak spleen can have lunch earlier than usual. 11 am is the time when spleen qi is best, so at that time you may digest and absorb food much easier than other time. The worst time for spleen qi to work is 7 to 11 pm, so do not eat a lot food after 7 in the evening. Sweet Read more…

Five Signals Of Stomach And Spleen Disorder(2)

buy cheap cialis0-225×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”225″ height=”300″ />Muscle loose or extra flesh are always due to weakness of spleen

If the spleen is not in good condition, the muscle of the body will turn unwell such as flaccid paralysis which means weakness of muscle or myasthenia gravis. And some even minor disorders can also manifest the health condition of spleen. Such as muscle loose, lost its flexible, or people with less muscle but much extra flesh have an unhealthy spleen and stomach.

How to deal with it

Stomach channel is going between the second and third toes. And the Neiting acupoint which is managing spleen and stomach is also on the toe. There are still some digestive system acupoints on the leg. So often move toes and legs are good idea for people with weak stomach and spleen. Read more…

Five Signals Of Stomach And Spleen Disorder(1)

In Chinese medicine, heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney are called the five organs. And spleen in these organs is just like a servant girl in a big family. In Chinese character, the character of spleen and servant girl have the same part which means low-down. Because in a big family if servant girl is ill, no one do housework and cooking, that means the family will go into disorder. In Chinese medicine, spleen has just the same function as servant girl. It relates to all parts of the body to work normal. And if some part of the body is out of condition, it can inflect the problem of spleen too.

Diarrhea is due to deficiency cold and constipation is due to stomach heat

Stomach heat will lead to delay of food digest and go down to the bowel, so when it comes into intestine, it is very dry due to excessive water loss. That is the cause of constipation. What is opposite of this is diarrhea, it is often due to deficiency cold of stomach.

How to deal with it Read more…

Five Qi Regimen Can Prolong Your Life

Qi is an important conception in Chinese medicine. It can be summarized as such five parts below.

Grow your vigour

Vigour is the basic substance of life. When people are chasing what they want in life, they should have a line. If excessive, it will do harm to their health. Only calm inside can grow your vigour.

Be quiet to make qi smooth

If you can take half or a hour in the day to be quiet, you can develop your potential of brain cell Read more…