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Top Grade, Middle Grade and Low Grade of TCM

Traditional Chinese medicine can divided into top grade, middle grade and low grade.
Top grade can make body healthy and prolong life. It is innocuous. It is safe to use. Such as lily and tuckahoe, they can not only used as medicine, but also taken as food in daily life.
Middle grade is not so good as top grade, but it can also cure disease. But it can not use for a long time because it has some side-effect.
Low grade are such herbs which are nocuous. They can just use for a short time. For example, radix aconiti agrestis(草乌) can used as anaesthetic, and it can also be used Read more…

Top Grade of Regimen——Tuckahoe

Top grade of Chinese medicine are these medicine which can relong life and make body healthy. They are innocuous, moreover, they are prevent from getting ill. Except for lily, tuckahoe is one of the top grade which can both taken as food and medicine.
As a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, tuckahoe has the functions of removing dampness and promoting diuresis, strengthening the spleen and stomach, making heart quiet and mood peaceful. And as mordern research, tuckahoe has the function of strengthen immunity of the body.
Tuckahoe is also famous taken as a food.
Tuckahoe cake is a famous Beijing snack. It is not only good to eat but also good to regimen. Another snack called eight precious cake which also has tuckahoe in it.
Though tuckahoe is good to regimen, you can not become immortal after taking it. Food regimen is just a kind of method, the more important for regimen is a good Read more…

Top Grade of Regimpen——Lily

Top grade in Chinese medicine can tonify the body, relong life and it is innocuous to use safely. Such as lily and tuckahoe. They can not only be used as Chinese herb medicine but also common food in daily life.
Lily can tonify yin and clear lung, it is good to cough due to dry and heat. Though you do not have such symptoms you can also eat some to regimen. But to remember, people often have phlegm do not eat it too much.
You can find both dry and fresh lily in market, which one is better? The answer is the fresh one. You can chop it or boil porridge with it.
Since lily is so good to prolong life, how much to eat per day is proper? If ask, I should say more or less 10g is better because it will use 30 to 40g as medicine, so do not eat more than that.
Lily is just a food and a common medicine, it is not a medicine for all kind of diseases and can not live forever after eating it. It is just a way to regimen, keeping good habit of life is the keypoint of defending diseases and live longer.

Food can also be medicine

Some animals and plants can both be food and medicine to cure disease, which called food and medicine have the same origin. For instance, ginseng can tonify qi, lily can reduce cough, Chinese-date can nourish blood and take care of spleen and stomach, Chinese yam can tonify kidney and control nocturnal emission. Chinese herb medicine is popular because of its convenient and cheap to buy and it can easily be collocated with normal food . This kind of food is called medicated food or medicated porridge. And the most popular ones are the seed of Job’s tears and hawthorn. Read more…

Tonifying Lung Is Good to Criers

Cry is a good way to let sad feeling out of the body. There is no doubt that every one of us has cried several or many times during life. Chinese medicine considers that moderate cry can adjust temperament which is beneficial to our health. But if it is excessive, cry will become a weapon to hurt us.

In Chinese medicine, often crying will destroy our lung energy. Then damaged lung energy will hurt our skin and hair. Our skin will lose its luster and our hair will be thin, because skin and hair is moistened and nourished by lung energy.

In addition, lung energy is related to exogenous evil in Chinese medicine. And it can be explained in modern science, because Read more…