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Foresee for children’s disease

As children can not say what he feel, it makes doctor difficult to diagnose. So it is important to foresee before disease become heavier.
A child may come by cough this morning, after taking some cough drug and come again this afternoon due to fever. Then after taking some febricide, he may become convulsions.
Chinese medicine can know the development of disease by feeling the pulse. For exemple, a child with cold and fever, his pulse is quiet and body is cold, this means he has heat in the surface, but it will disappear before long. So doctor take some pectral drug instead of gypsum which is good for fever, though the child is not cough at that moment. The doctor ask after that and know the child’s fever is really disappear a few hours later and have a little cough. Read more…

Feeling Unwell Means Disease?

It is an old saying that if you often get ill which are not serious, you will not easily get ill which are very serious. According to which is said above, when body is not very comfortable or get some slight symptoms, it is not necessary to take medicine or make a fuss about it. Sometimes, feeling unwell is a quite normal thing for our body condition and during our life. Maybe sometimes, it is just a kind of self-adjusting of our body.

This article will show you some kinds of unwellness to prove it.


It does not mean you get pneumonia or cold every time when you cough, it can also mean you have some unclear things in your respiratory tract which need a channel to go outside. Cough is a good way to keep unclear things such as dust, secretion, and pernicious gases out of our body. So do not be nervous when you get a cough, it does not always mean a respiratory disease, it does Read more…

Lotus Root Keeps Oral ulcer Away

Lotus root is a kind of food which can remove the irritating and keep body cool. It can also do good to the lung and reduce cough. Because of containing much vitamin C and vitamin K, lotus root can help ulcer to recover. Moreover, its vitamin B and other microelements can accelerate the process of mucosal epithelium of mouth to recover too.

Lotus root is full of dietary fibre. And dietary fibre can relieving constipation, remove the irritating and nourish yin, reduce the pressure of stomach, make the body feel cool. All these above are helpful to treat oral ulcer too.