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Blood Stasis

cream fomulaWhen you get older, you may find many changes of your body occur gradually. You may get colored patches on your face and arms and often have cold hands and feet. Why these things happen to old

people? You can say it is so called aging. But to other words, in detail, it is blood stasis which caused these above.
Blood stasis

means blood block in vessel. It will cause many function disorder. Having ugly colored patches, feel cold and can not easily recover from it. And palmic and fatigue happen sometimes.
The best way to deal with blood stasis is to make it smooth again. This is a way of regimen. In Chinese medicine there is a good kind of drug called cream formula.


The mechanism of pain in Chinese medicine is obstruction. It means qi and blood obstruct or go adverse under the influence of many factors. It lead to pain in organs or main and collateral channels.

There are three main factors to cause pain. They are internal cause, external cause and neither internal cause nor external cause.

The properties of pain have two kinds which are cold and hot. Cold is tight which lead to tight pain in collateral channels. Hot pain often lead to red and swell.

Pain also have some difference in qi and blood, deficiency and excess.

As to the specialty of pain, it can divided into stabbing pain, cut pain, distend pain, dull pain and so on.

Hair dye and hair care

As times goes by, our body experience a process of being old. We will find one or two hair turn white, then more. If you do not want yourself look so old, you can do hair dye conveniently to become beautiful again. It can not only change your out looking, but also enhance your self-confidence.

Nowadays we can find many kinds of hair dye in market. But both cheap and expensive ones have damage to scalp because they are chemical materials. One way to avoid the damage is to be far away from it. But if you can hardly give up hair dye, there is an easy way to enhance your immunity of scalp. Read more…

Scalper Meat

Synopsis: Scalper meat is the meat of scalper which belongs to bovidae animal.

Function: It can nourish spleen and stomach mildly, and make qi smooth, make bone and muscle stronger, reduce edema.

Indication: Yang deficiency of spleen and stomach, diarrhea, rectocele, edema, deficiency of essence and blood, lack of strength, getting thin, sour of physique and so on.

4 Rules to Protect Spleen and Stomach

When people get older and older, the function of spleen and stomach is decreasing day after day. In Chinese medicine, spleen and stomach is hinge of visceral and gas movement. It is the origin of vital energy and blood.

‘Basic move, often greens, less wine, never sad’ is 4 important rules to protect your spleen and stomach.

Basic move

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The Relevance Between Renal Deficiency and Cold in Winter

When getting old, essence and blood in kidney is decreased, then renal deficiency and deficiency of vital energy will destroy our immune system. Our immunity can protect us from getting cold in winter, if it is destroied, we, especially old people, will easily catch cold.

Our chinese medicine thinks that if kindey is the root of a tree, then immunity is the branches of it. Only if the root is healthy, the branches can be strong too. So the most important is to protect the kindey in winter in order to keep away from cold.

Function of Moxibustion

Moxibustion is an old therapy of Chinese medicine which has been used for many years. This article is just show some of the functions about it.

Curing Insomnia

Moxibustion at both sides of Yongquan can make people calm and feel quiet. If added with Zusanli, which can make energy and blood grow well, the function of curing insomnia will be much better.


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Know How Deeply Poisoned You Are From Your Lip

Different collor of your lip will show different condition of your body for you. And this short passage will tell you some conditions about it.

Ruby or purple-red lip show that you have excessive fire in your body.

Pale lip show that both energy and blood in your body is deficient.

Livid lip indicate that energy and blood can not go smooth in the body.

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Interesting Initiator In Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine, precious jade can be used as initiator. That is really wired, but it is true that jade has the function of curing disease. It can be seen in shennong' s Herbal classic and An Outline Treatise of Medical Herbs that jade is salty and cold, which can relieve whiny mood and anger, do good to heart and lung, make hair grow well, make people feel quiet, blood flow smooth, ear and eye more bright and so on.

Initiator makes great importance in prescription and decoction. Chinese medicine considers meridian as the channel of human body. Energy and blood reach all places of the body such as surface and Read more…

Eating Too Much Salt Food Will Do Harm To Your Heart

Salt food is good to kidney, but eating too much will do harm to your heart. Because heart is the origin of blood, salt will restrain generating of blood, forcing blood gather in the vessel. When eating too much salt your face will turn black which means you are not healthy as before.

So if you often feel palpitation, gasp, chest pain and such symptom of lacking heart energy, you had better eating less salt from now on.