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Blood Stasis

cream fomulaWhen you get older, you may find many changes of your body occur gradually. You may get colored patches on your face and arms and often have cold hands and feet. Why these things happen to old

people? You can say it is so called aging. But to other words, in detail, it is blood stasis which caused these above.
Blood stasis

means blood block in vessel. It will cause many function disorder. Having ugly colored patches, feel cold and can not easily recover from it. And palmic and fatigue happen sometimes.
The best way to deal with blood stasis is to make it smooth again. This is a way of regimen. In Chinese medicine there is a good kind of drug called cream formula.

Do Not Sleep With Wet Hair

Some people have the habit of having shower before go to bed, then sleep with the wet hair. Then after getting up the next day, they will feel tired and headache and catch a cold and have a runny nose.

That is because yang qi of body is weakest in midnight. So it is the weakest time of immunity. Wash hair before going to sleep will leave some water in scalp which make yang qi coagulate with the cold water. If you often do like that, you will got qi-stagnancy and blood stasis, and your meridian will be blocked. It is easy to get ill if you sleep after washing your hair with cold and wet. Then you will feel numb of your scalp during night, and the next morning the numb Read more…

For Herbs To Make Women Healthy——4.Safflower


Saffron has the function of activating collaterals, regulate menses and promote blood circulation by remove blood stasis, eliminate stasis to activate blood circulation, detumescence and reduce pain, cool the blood and detoxification. It is so called protector of women. It can cure menopausal syndrome, irregular menses, insomnia, fidget.

Mushroom safflower soup

Material: mushroom 30g, safflower 6g, cucumber 100g. Read more…