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Some old Chinese sayings about ginger

ger1-300×223.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”223″ />Ginger are both a flavouring and a kind of Chinese medicine in Chinese culture. So it is important for people’s health. And there are some old Chinese sayings about it.

  1. Eating ginger at summer and radish at winner can keep the doctor away.
  2. The older the ginger is, the more spicy it is.
  3. Eating ginger in the morning is just like eating ginseng soup, however, eating ginger in the evening is just like eating arsenic.

Are these all right as modern view? Let us have a look at it.

Ginger is hot food in Chinese medicine, so it can dispel cold inside body. It is just like a soldier to defend evil outside. So when catching cold due to the cold weather, you can drink some ginger soup with brown sugar in it. It can make you feel warm and sweat a lot. Drinking it before going to bed then have a warm sleep and sweat, you will feel much better tomorrow morning.

When in summer, though the weather is quite hot, our body is hot outside, inner body is quite cool as a balance. So eating some ginger can make your stomach warm. Also, if you have a disease and need to taking some Chinese medicine, you will find it contains ginger too. That is because ginger can medicate other medicines and can make them absorb better. But in winner, the condition is quite opposite, so eating some radish can reduce the fire inside body and make outside and inside as a balance system.

Why say older ginger is more spicy? Because it contains more spicy content than fresh ginger. Fresh ginger is tender and has more fluid in it. So it is proper to chop and eat as cold. Old ginger is good to cook soup, it will make the soup more delicious.

Also this saying is used to describe people. Older people have more experience than young man, they are more smart and wisdom. So we say, older ginger is more spicy.

The last saying is not so correct as it is. We know a day is just like a year in old Chinese culture. In the morning everything is growing just like spring. In the middle of the day is hot just like summer. And afternoon, things going to restrain as autumn. In the evening, everything stop moving as winner. So if we can eat ginger in summer and we can also eat it in the morning—the early time of the day.

But will we really die if eating it in the evening? Do not be too afraid of it. It is not as serious as it seems to be. Maybe eating too much spicy food such as ginger, green onion, garlic and so on in the evening will make your body too hot inside, you may not sleep well and can not digest these food. However, as Chinese philosophy said, we should see things at the two sides. Different people with different corporeity should use the different regimen method. If you have a deficiency-cold corporeity, your hands and feet are always cold no matter summer or winter, then drinking some ginger soup before going to bed is good for yourself. Otherwise, if you have a damp and hot corporeity, drinking ginger soup too often will make you get inflamed.

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