Sea Acupoint

Sea acupoint is one of the Five Shu points. Ling Shu Jiuzhen Shieryuan said that what enters called sea acupoint. It means that qi comes from the bottom of limbs and arrive here, where is the most and biggest. It just like several rivers come here and join into sea.

Sea acupoints are most near elbow and knee-joint. As to its clinic practice, Ling Shu said that you can use sea acupoint to cure diseases such as channels full to blood, stomach disease and disease due to immoderate diet.

In Nan Jing it said sea acupoint’s main function is to turn against of qi in order to release. It Read more…


Dubi is an acupuncture point of stomach channel of foot yangming. It is on the knee, the hollow between kneecap and outboard of ligamentum patellae. It also has a name called Waixiyan. You can find it when curve your knee at 90 angle.

Dubi can cure gonyalgia, dermatophytosis, paralysis of legs, swell of Dubi and so on. It can also cure gonitis with the help of Liangqiu, Xiyan and Weizhong.


Zusanli is one of the main acupuncture points of stomach channel of  foot yangming. It is a main point for strengthening body and mind. As traditional Chinese medicine thought that massage Zusanli can adjust immunity, enhance ability of disease-resistant, take care of stomach and spleen, tonify middle-jiao and qi, clear and activate the channels and collaterals, dispel wind and defuse eczema, strengthen body resistance and eliminate evil.

It is at the anterolateral of shank, 3 cun below Dubi, one finger wide (wide of middle finger) from leading edge of shin bone. It is sea acupoint of stomach channel of foot yangming, and the lower he sea acupoint of stomach.

Why it called Zusanli in Chinese medicine? Sanli (the three inner) means take care of top, middle, and bottom. Stomach is on the top of belly, so when feel gasteremphraxis and stomachache we should take care of the top. Read more…

Is Chinese medicine safe to pregnant woman?

Many pregnant women know that taking western medicine inadequately can lead to abortion or malformation. So when they feel unwell they tend to go to Chinese medicine doctor’s for help. However, taking Chinese medicine inadequately will also lead to abortion and some of them will lead to malformation of baby too.

After a long research expert of Chinese medicine found that some Chinese medicine can lead to abnormal growth of fetus. They are ginkgo, semen armeniacae amarae, peach kernel, arsenolite, realgar, cinnabar, magnetite, cinnabar sedative pill and so on. Chinese medicine can divided into forbidden and caution in two kinds according to its extent of injury to pregnant women and fetus.

Forbidden medicine for pregnant women: it is medicine with strong toxicity or strong drug properties, such as croton, kaladana, kanziol, pokeberry root, cantharides, nux vomica, mercury, musk, rhizome sparqanii, Read more…


Get inflamed

Get inflamed is a term in Chinese medicine means imbalance of yin and yang, endogenous fire is vigorous. The so called fire is describing some hot syndrome inside body.

Fire can be divided into excess fire and deficiency fire. And some common syndromes of getting inflamed have heart fire and liver fire.

The method to cure called reduce internal heat. Take some Chinese medicine which can Read more…

Xiangsha yangwei pills

Ingredient: elecampane, fructus amomi, rhizome atractylodis macrocephalae, pericarpium citri reticulatae, Tuckahoe, pinellia tuber(made), rhizome cyperi(made by vinegar), immature bitter orange(fried), cardamine(without hull), magnolia bark(made with ginger), patchouli, liquorice, ginger, Chinese-date.

Xiangsha yangwei pill is the OTC drug of stomachache. It can make stomach warm and Read more…

Hair dye and hair care

As times goes by, our body experience a process of being old. We will find one or two hair turn white, then more. If you do not want yourself look so old, you can do hair dye conveniently to become beautiful again. It can not only change your out looking, but also enhance your self-confidence.

Nowadays we can find many kinds of hair dye in market. But both cheap and expensive ones have damage to scalp because they are chemical materials. One way to avoid the damage is to be far away from it. But if you can hardly give up hair dye, there is an easy way to enhance your immunity of scalp. Read more…

Middle part gastric cavity

Middle part gastric cavity is an acupuncture point belongs to ren channel. It is on the stomach, in the middle line of the body, 4 inches above belly button. It has the function of helping stomach and spleen, promoting water to go through out of the body.


Stomachache, bellyache, abdominal distension, vomit, nausea, dyspepsia, borborygmus, diarrhea, constipation, hemafecia, gasp, insomnia, epilepsy, gastritis, gastric ulcer, gastrectasis, prolapse of uterus, nettle-rash, food poisoning and so on.

Stomach cold

Stomach cold is a symptom of weakness of spleen yang, eating too much cold and raw food which leads to the damage of stomach yang. Then cold evil stay inside stomach makes you feel pain. This kind of pain can reduce with warm. And you may also have vomit, desiring for hot drink, have digest problem. The tongue is light and coating on the tongue is white and slippery. Pulse is low and slow. It can be cure by warming the stomach and dispel the cold.