Regimen porridge

If you want your skin smooth and soft, put some Chinese dates into your porridge.

If you want to have a good sleep, put some white waterlily.

If you feel mild lumbago which means weakness of kidney qi, put some chestnuts into porridge.

If you feel weakness of heart which means deficiency of qi, put some longans into porridge.

If you feel dizzy and have lots of sweat, put some job tears into porridge.

If you have cough and dry in lung, put some lily into porridge.

If you feel hot in summer, put some mung bean into porridge which can clear heat and detoxicat Read more…


The mechanism of pain in Chinese medicine is obstruction. It means qi and blood obstruct or go adverse under the influence of many factors. It lead to pain in organs or main and collateral channels.

There are three main factors to cause pain. They are internal cause, external cause and neither internal cause nor external cause.

The properties of pain have two kinds which are cold and hot. Cold is tight which lead to tight pain in collateral channels. Hot pain often lead to red and swell.

Pain also have some difference in qi and blood, deficiency and excess.

As to the specialty of pain, it can divided into stabbing pain, cut pain, distend pain, dull pain and so on.

Yingxiang, the anti-aging acupuncture point

Yingxiang acupuncture point is at the edge of wing of nose. It is an acupuncture point which can enhance blood circulation of face, make skin smooth and wet, and it can decrease wrinkle.

You can massage the two sides of wing of nose. The hollow place is the right point to find. Use finger pulp of your index finger to massage of circles for one minute everyday. Stick to several days, you will find some changes happen on your body and you may feel you look younger than before.

Liquorice can fight against chilblain

In winter people without comfortable and warm living place will suffer chilblain in some poor area. How to fight against with this awful disease? There is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine called liquorice will help you.

Put some fresh liquorice into powder, and use this powder to wash the chilblain place will recover and cure it. The detail of this method is put 2 spoons of this powder into boiled water Read more…


Anxiety is off worry without any obvious and object reasons, or it is a kind of groundless fear. People feel they may face some bad condition in the future so they are nervous. This feeling will contain for a long time or it can also come in an emergent time.

Psychology therapy and western medicine can cure anxiety. However, maybe you do not know that our Chinese medicine can also cure it.

Some Chinese herb medicine is good to steady your mood if you are a person who is tend to be anxious. And so a regimen, you can drink three flowers tea everyday, especially in summer. Read more…

Banana is good except for cold constitution

As you know banana is good fruit because it can prevent from Alzheiner’s disease, hypokalemia and constipation. And it can prevent depression so it is also called happy fruit.

However, it doesn’t mean banana fit for all people to eat. In Chinese medicine, people of cold constitution had better avoid from eating banana too much.

In Chinese medicine, banana belongs to cold food, it will make your body cold so people with cold constitution who often feel weak and cold should eat less banana. If you often feel Read more…

Three seeds cure cough and asthma

In every autumn some people may suffer cough and asthma. Our Chinese medicine will tell you a method to deal with it. And the magic medicine is called ‘three seeds’.

This so called three seeds is perillaseed, semen brassicae and radish seed. You can put 15g of each together and drink it as tea. It is useful for people of phlegmdamp constitution.

Nourish lung after autumn

August 8,2011 is a solar terms called autumn begins in Chinese culture. That means autumn is coming after that day. Tough it is cool at night, it is still hot in the day. So you may not realize that autumn is coming. However, the regimen should be changed for your body.

Autumn is a interim period of the change of yinyang. Yang is going to disappear and yin begins to grow. Lung has some relationship with the season autumn. If your lung qi is weak, Read more…

Food can also be medicine

Some animals and plants can both be food and medicine to cure disease, which called food and medicine have the same origin. For instance, ginseng can tonify qi, lily can reduce cough, Chinese-date can nourish blood and take care of spleen and stomach, Chinese yam can tonify kidney and control nocturnal emission. Chinese herb medicine is popular because of its convenient and cheap to buy and it can easily be collocated with normal food . This kind of food is called medicated food or medicated porridge. And the most popular ones are the seed of Job’s tears and hawthorn. Read more…

Know tonifying before tonifying

Due to lacking of knowledge of how to tonify and taboo of tonify some people tonify as they like or even excess which lead to the opposite result as they will. So if you want to tonify properly, you should know how to tonify first.

Mistakes of tonifying.

Tonify incorrectly. Some patients of diabetes do not know some tonifying medicine contain much sugar in it, so if taking too much such kind of medicine can not get the result as desire, however, it can aggravate the former disease. Read more…