Top Grade of Regimen——Tuckahoe

Top grade of Chinese medicine are these medicine which can relong life and make body healthy. They are innocuous, moreover, they are prevent from getting ill. Except for lily, tuckahoe is one of the top grade which can both taken as food and medicine.
As a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, tuckahoe has the functions of removing dampness and promoting diuresis, strengthening the spleen and stomach, making heart quiet and mood peaceful. And as mordern research, tuckahoe has the function of strengthen immunity of the body.
Tuckahoe is also famous taken as a food.
Tuckahoe cake is a famous Beijing snack. It is not only good to eat but also good to regimen. Another snack called eight precious cake which also has tuckahoe in it.
Though tuckahoe is good to regimen, you can not become immortal after taking it. Food regimen is just a kind of method, the more important for regimen is a good Read more…

Top Grade of Regimpen——Lily

Top grade in Chinese medicine can tonify the body, relong life and it is innocuous to use safely. Such as lily and tuckahoe. They can not only be used as Chinese herb medicine but also common food in daily life.
Lily can tonify yin and clear lung, it is good to cough due to dry and heat. Though you do not have such symptoms you can also eat some to regimen. But to remember, people often have phlegm do not eat it too much.
You can find both dry and fresh lily in market, which one is better? The answer is the fresh one. You can chop it or boil porridge with it.
Since lily is so good to prolong life, how much to eat per day is proper? If ask, I should say more or less 10g is better because it will use 30 to 40g as medicine, so do not eat more than that.
Lily is just a food and a common medicine, it is not a medicine for all kind of diseases and can not live forever after eating it. It is just a way to regimen, keeping good habit of life is the keypoint of defending diseases and live longer.

How long do you want to live

Live forever is a myth for all people no matter ancient or mordern, native or foreign. Well how long can we expected to live and what is the obstruction of getting that aim?

Aristoteles think humanbeings lifespan is 6 to 7 times of growing period, which is  100 to 140 years old. Another saying is that lifespan is 10 times longer than  sexual maturity period, which is 108 to 145 years old.
What is the view of old Chinese? As Book of Docements says, 120 years old called long life, which is quite similar to other sayings.
However, what the reality is? As a report says, the average lifespan of Chinese man is 71, and 74 of Chinese women.
It is only half of expected lifespan. Why? The biggest enemy is disease. Most people die before their expected age due to kinds of disease such as heart attack, high blood pressure, cancer, stroke,etc. Read more…

Porridge for Cold

Except for go to the doctor’s and take medicine, what other method to do to fight against cold?

In Chinese there has many ways such as ginger and brown sugar soup. It is quite efficient to some extent. However, not all cold can disappear by that, just wind-cold type of common cold can be efficient.
Cold can be de divided into wind-heat type of common cold and wind-cold type of common cold.
Wind-cold type has the symptoms of feeling cold, with light fever, clear snot, white coat of tongue, clear and white phlegm, cough slight, feel fatigue and so on. Well wind-heat type of common cold has heavier fever and slight feeling of cold, angina, cough, yellow snot, thick and yellow phlegm, headache and so on.
Here are two kind of porridge for each type of cold. Read more…

Pleuropterus cordatus Turcz

If you feel angelica is strong for you to take, you can take pleuropterus cordatus turcz(何首乌) instead.
It is a herbal medicine looks like a person in old tale.
It can make hair black so many products of hairdressing have it.
Raw pleuropterus cordatus turcz can clear away heat and toxic material and it can also make intestine unobstructed to make stools go out.
Raw pleuropterus cordatus turcz is toxic so doctors often use made ones in clinical work.
Made pleuropterus cordatus can make hair go black and it can also cure constipation.


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” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”217″ />If you have constipation caused by yin and blood-insufficiency, you can take this medicine—angelica(当归).

As most people know, it is a tonify blood drug, but you may not know it can also deal with constipation.
Angelica is adapt to blood-insufficiency people. It can tonify blood and promote blood flow. So if women have irregular menses and dysmenorrhea can use this to relieve it. And constipation caused by blood-insufficiency can also take it.
When treat constipation, angelica can be used alone and can also be together with pleuropterus cordatus Turcz(何首乌). Read more…

Tonify to make intestine unobstructed

There is an old lady of 79, she has constipation for over 10 years. Not always but often has no stool for 3 or 4 days. A great master of Chinese medicine saw her and told her to use rhubarb for 3 days, but after that she should change her medicine to semen cassiae torae(决明子) instead.

This patient can not use attack to make intestine unobstructed but to tonify it because she does not have so much real heat but is weak on the contrary.
Tonify to make intestine unobstructed is adapt to old, sick for a long time and post partum. They have a yin and blood-insufficiency body. Often feel thirsty, tired, dryness of eye, insomnia and so on. If people have constipation with these Read more…


Aloe is a kind of Chinese herb medicine to do something with constipation but much soft than rhubarb. If your symptom is not so heavy and your body is not so strong to endure rhubarb you can use it. But not alll kinds of aloe can be used as herb. Only aloe called barbadensis can be used as medicine. So do not pick up some pieces of aloe from your flowerpot then boil to eat. Go to ask your doctor’s advise is the wise choice.

And not all inner fire can be put out by aloe. For instance, a little boy caught a fever and ate some aloe, but it did not help, because fever may caused by many factors Read more…

Constipation caused by strong symptom

Constipation has many reasons in Chinese medicine. So it should be cure in different ways according to its pathogen.

When have strong symptom a person often feel hot and thirsty, easily to get fidgety and angry. This kind of person often has a red face, abdominal distension, and his urine is often yellow.

If you are kind of people and you have the trouble of constipation, here comes a quite good Chinese herb medicine for you which called general in old sayings because it is very effective to relieve symptom. What is this magic medicine? It is rhubarb.

Though it is quite sharp, it doesn’t mean you can take it casually when constipation. Only doctors can decide if you can take it can how much for you to take. It is so sharp, if you take Read more…

Clear six fu organs to make disease disappear

There is a theory of Chinese medicine called clear six fu organs to make disease disappear .

Maybe you know the five zang organs which are heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney. But what are the six fu organs? They are gall, stomach, the large intestine, small intestine, tri-jiao, bladder. It means make them smooth to cure disease. And it is mostly about stomach and intestine.

There is a Chinese saying called take wood away under pot. This theory is just like it. For example, some sore on the head is caused by inner fire of body. If you can wipe off the Read more…