Introduction of Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine, with a long history of thousands of years, basing on traditional Chinese literature, is a particular medicine of China.

Not only does it contribute to medicine of China, but also to the whole world to some exetent. Nowadays with the rapidly technology development, Chinese medicine still plays an important part in guiding our clinic medical practice.

And there is no doubt that Chinese medicine will bring more benefits to modern medicine and human beings in the future.

Origin of Chinese Medicine

According to the research of archaeology, our ancestor had lived and worked in our country for almost more than a million years. During the long period of fighting against animals and searching for food, these primitives acquired some perceptual knowledge of cure and heal wounds. Gradually, they accumulated original knowledge of medicine.

When hunting for food, our ancestor might ate some poisonous plants which caused vomit, nausea, diarrhea, or even death. Read more…

Advantages of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine are two different kinds of remedies of medicine. And this passage will show you some advantages of the two different methods.

     1.  Chinese medicine is good at telling us the different causes of the same disease. For instance, what is the main reason of a symptom such as dizzy, the internal wind or the external wind(just the two differentiates in Chinese medicine)?

      While western medicine is good at telling us the different diseases of the same symptom. For example, what is the disease you are suffering when you get a fever, is it just the most symplist symptom of a common cold or is the sign of a malignant tumor?

Read more…

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Chinese medicine, a traditional medicine of China, is a subject which researches physiology, pathology, diagnoses, prevention and cure. It exists for quite a long time, which includes experiences and received knoledges of fighting against diseases. It reflects that our Chinese people in ancient times were really clever.

Chinese medicine contains the main idea of materialistic and dialectic.In other words, it has much to do with philosophy.

Chinese medicine regards general idea to its dominant thought. It is based on physiology and pathology of channels and collaterals. It diagnoses a disease according to syndrome differentiation.

Attitude Towards Chinese Medicine

Nowadays Chinese Medicine has trapped into an awkward situation. In most Chinese people’s opinions, some consider our Traditional Medicine as a mystery, which lead them to look up to it; while others figure that unbelievable method is ridiculous, which make them look down upon it.

No matter which of the two attitudes above will be chosen, these just generate the same result, that is, people will not try herbal medicine or accupuncture or massage when they get ill, on the contrary, they will seek for the more normal way—take antibiotics, hormones, aspirin, or even have a operation. Read more…