Sea Cucumber

Synopsis: sea cucumber is the whole body of stichopus japonicus or other kind of sea cucumbers. It is called stichopus japonicus, meihua sea cucumber or claw sea cucumber according to its different type.

Function: replenish kidney and generate germs, nourish blood, dryness.

Indication: deficiency of kidney essence, impotence, spermatorrhea, fatigue, frequency of urinatior, deficiency of blood, getting thin, hot flush with cough, hemoptysis, diabetes, diarrhea and so on.

Royal Jelly

Synopsis: royal jelly is a compound fluid which is made up of a kind of white gum and honey by a rate of 1:100. This white gum is excreted by worker bee such as Apis cerana and other kind of bees. And this white gum is the a special food of queen bee. So it is called royal jelly too.

Function: it is good to liver blood, make spleen qi smooth, and replenish kidney essence.

Indication: deficiency of blood and energy, dizzy and faint, fatigue, cold, insomnia with too many dream, deficiency of Read more…

The silkworm moths

Synopsis: silkworm moths is the male worm of home silkworm moths which belongs to silkworm moths animal. It is also called late silkworm moths.

Function: it can do good to liver and kidney, strengthen sexual ability and make germ hardly to lose.

Indication: weakness of kidney yang, impotence premature ejaculation, weiqing, spermatorrhea, hematuria, lumbar debility, penis pain and so on.

Sticky Rice

Synopsis: sticky rice is the seed of paddy which belongs to gramineous plants. It is also called yuan rice or glutinous rice in ancient times.

Function: it can tonify middle-Jiao and Qi, make spleen healthy and make stomach warm, strengthen exterior and reduce sweat.

Indication: deficient cold of spleen and stomach, gastric disorder causing nausea, eat less, diarrhea and so on. It can also cure weak ness of exterior of stomach, spontaneous perspiration, hidrosis and chronic diseases of digestive system.


Synopsis: leek is the leaf of chives which belongs to liliaceae. It has other name such as grass clock, strengthen yang grass and recover yang grass.

Function: replenish kidney and strengthen yang, make spleen work well and warm stomach.

Indication: weakness of kidney yang, sour and cold in waist and knee, impotence and prospermia, frequency of urinatior, weakness and cold in spleen and stomach, nausea and singultus, cold pain in belly, diarrhea or constipation.

Scalper Meat

Synopsis: Scalper meat is the meat of scalper which belongs to bovidae animal.

Function: It can nourish spleen and stomach mildly, and make qi smooth, make bone and muscle stronger, reduce edema.

Indication: Yang deficiency of spleen and stomach, diarrhea, rectocele, edema, deficiency of essence and blood, lack of strength, getting thin, sour of physique and so on.

More Acid and Less Spicy When Autumn Begins

Autumn begins is a of the 24 solar terms of China. It means autumn is coming and weather turn cold after that day. At this time we should remember the rule of more acid and less spicy to protect our liver.

Nutritionist tells us that when autumn begins, the weather turn cold, consume of body decrease and appetite start to enhance. So autumn begins is the proper time for replenish. People can adjust their diet scientificly, and the principle for it is more acid and less spicy.

Su Wen said that lung is an organ related to autumn, it is convergent. Eat too quickly can Read more…

Chinese Medicine Occurs After Shen Nong Taste Hundreds Of Plants

Our Chinese has an old legend of “Chinese medicine occurs after Shen Nong taste hundreds of plants”. It reflects the fact of the fight between our ancestor and nature and disease, and also the history process of finding herb medicine and accumulating knowledge.

  At the beginning of primitive communes, as a result of low productivity, people can not plant crop but only gather food and hunting animals. As the process of gathering fruit, seed and rootstalk, some of them may eat some poisonous food by mistake which will lead to vomit, diarrhea, coma and even death. For example, taken rhubarb may lead to a diarrhea while they may taken ginger to relieve their pain of diarrhea too.

Through a long period investigation, people become to know which plant is good for people and which is not. And then, due to the use of bow and arrow, people start to find some therapy function of animal by hunting and fishing.

4 Rules to Protect Spleen and Stomach

When people get older and older, the function of spleen and stomach is decreasing day after day. In Chinese medicine, spleen and stomach is hinge of visceral and gas movement. It is the origin of vital energy and blood.

‘Basic move, often greens, less wine, never sad’ is 4 important rules to protect your spleen and stomach.

Basic move

Read more…

Impacts of Chinese Medicine in Classic Literature

Both Chinese medicine and classic literature are great treasures of Chinese people. Tough they are of different subjects and have its own way to develop, they still have impacts of each other for quite a long time.

The most important point is that Chinese medicine provides plenty of materials for classic literature, because Chinese medicine is not only a developed knowledge, but also a useful skill.

Take daily diet as an example, many food can be used as drug too. So people can adjust their diet, choosing the best kind of food, eating something or not, in order to keep healthy and avoid disease. An experienced Chinese can choose the proper food for their constitution with no difficulty.

Literature is based on the given background of each period. Since Chinese medicine is closely-related with people’s daily life, it definitely can be seen widely in literatures. There are lots of poems wrote about herbs. Read more…