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Top Grade, Middle Grade and Low Grade of TCM

Traditional Chinese medicine can divided into top grade, middle grade and low grade.
Top grade can make body healthy and prolong life. It is innocuous. It is safe to use. Such as lily and tuckahoe, they can not only used as medicine, but also taken as food in daily life.
Middle grade is not so good as top grade, but it can also cure disease. But it can not use for a long time because it has some side-effect.
Low grade are such herbs which are nocuous. They can just use for a short time. For example, radix aconiti agrestis(草乌) can used as anaesthetic, and it can also be used Read more…

Tonify to make intestine unobstructed

There is an old lady of 79, she has constipation for over 10 years. Not always but often has no stool for 3 or 4 days. A great master of Chinese medicine saw her and told her to use rhubarb for 3 days, but after that she should change her medicine to semen cassiae torae(决明子) instead.

This patient can not use attack to make intestine unobstructed but to tonify it because she does not have so much real heat but is weak on the contrary.
Tonify to make intestine unobstructed is adapt to old, sick for a long time and post partum. They have a yin and blood-insufficiency body. Often feel thirsty, tired, dryness of eye, insomnia and so on. If people have constipation with these Read more…

Constipation caused by strong symptom

Constipation has many reasons in Chinese medicine. So it should be cure in different ways according to its pathogen.

When have strong symptom a person often feel hot and thirsty, easily to get fidgety and angry. This kind of person often has a red face, abdominal distension, and his urine is often yellow.

If you are kind of people and you have the trouble of constipation, here comes a quite good Chinese herb medicine for you which called general in old sayings because it is very effective to relieve symptom. What is this magic medicine? It is rhubarb.

Though it is quite sharp, it doesn’t mean you can take it casually when constipation. Only doctors can decide if you can take it can how much for you to take. It is so sharp, if you take Read more…

Clear six fu organs to make disease disappear

There is a theory of Chinese medicine called clear six fu organs to make disease disappear .

Maybe you know the five zang organs which are heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney. But what are the six fu organs? They are gall, stomach, the large intestine, small intestine, tri-jiao, bladder. It means make them smooth to cure disease. And it is mostly about stomach and intestine.

There is a Chinese saying called take wood away under pot. This theory is just like it. For example, some sore on the head is caused by inner fire of body. If you can wipe off the Read more…


Blood-insufficiency seemly means lack of blood, then can we transfuse blood to tonify it?
In Chinese medicine it is not quite easy just add one thing to complement. It should be found its headwaters then deal with it. Though transfuse blood can give you more blood for some time, it can not give you enough blood forever. We should treat a kind of symptom from the base, the root of it, not just cure surface problem.
The headwater of blood is qi, qi can generate blood. So when blood is insufficienct, tonify qi can indirect raise it. Read more…

How to Protect Your Liver

Liver belongs to the five internal organs, which is an quite import organ of our body. As the five elements theory says, liver is similar as wood. So just as tree’s growing continuously, or as leaves stretch its body, the point of protect liver is to make it stretch. But what is stretch to liver? It means we should go along with it. For another example, if take liver as a person, we should make him happy and do not infuriate him. So do not often be angry in daily life.

Eye is just as the gate of liver. So if liver is in bad condition, eyes will feel uncomfortable too. So when you feel your eyesight is worse than before, you should pay attention to your liver health.

Read more…

How to cure pain

As the theory of pain in Chinese medicine is obstruction, the method to cure pain is to fight against obstruction. So it is said pain disappear with unobstruction. As most pain is caused by excess, so the method to cure pain is to make it unobstructed. Tonify is not proper in remedy.

It can also be cured with its different part of disease. If it is cold, it should make it warm. If it is hot, it should make it cool. If it is caused by blood disease, it should cure by disperse stagnate. If it is caused by deficiency disease, it should tonify to cure it.

How to choose the proper medicine should consider on the function and property of it. Read more…

Deficiency-cold corporeity

People with deficiency-cold corporeity is often fat but weak, looking pale and eat little. They like warm and dislike cold, or have a lower temperature. Their tongue and lip are white and light, pulse is slow. Maybe they prefer reading to doing sport because they are introvert. These people have weaker energy and sexual desire, tend to be ill.

This kind of people have stronger munity to cold and damp evil, yin excess and yang deficiency will lead to disease. Such as dampness being viscous and lingering, edema, phlegm and retained fluid, blood stasis and so on.


The mechanism of pain in Chinese medicine is obstruction. It means qi and blood obstruct or go adverse under the influence of many factors. It lead to pain in organs or main and collateral channels.

There are three main factors to cause pain. They are internal cause, external cause and neither internal cause nor external cause.

The properties of pain have two kinds which are cold and hot. Cold is tight which lead to tight pain in collateral channels. Hot pain often lead to red and swell.

Pain also have some difference in qi and blood, deficiency and excess.

As to the specialty of pain, it can divided into stabbing pain, cut pain, distend pain, dull pain and so on.

Yingxiang, the anti-aging acupuncture point

Yingxiang acupuncture point is at the edge of wing of nose. It is an acupuncture point which can enhance blood circulation of face, make skin smooth and wet, and it can decrease wrinkle.

You can massage the two sides of wing of nose. The hollow place is the right point to find. Use finger pulp of your index finger to massage of circles for one minute everyday. Stick to several days, you will find some changes happen on your body and you may feel you look younger than before.