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Tea for renal damp and hot

Renal damp and hot has the symptom of eyelid edema, leg edema, waist sour and fatigue, have blood in urinate, proteinuria, urinate short and yellow, muddy.

If you have such symptoms you can choose couchgrass root(茅根) and lotus leaf(荷叶) boil to drink as tea.
Couchgrass root is sweet and cold, belongs to lung, stomach and  bladder channel. It can make blood cool and hemostasis, clear heat and diuresis, and clear heat of lung and stomach. It is also called funnel drug because it can make all damp and hot of five organs and the six hollow organs to go through by pee, just as a funnel. Read more…

Massage scalp for sober and hairdressing

One of the famous Chinese medicine doctor called Kong Bohua is the founder of acrid-cold herbs. He is good at curing kinds of heat diseases such as cephalitis, pneumonia, hepatitis, nephritis and so on.
Doctor Kong consider that head is the pool of all yang. So massage head usually has the good function of regimen. It can both make yourself sober and hairdressing, moreover, it can prevent from getting cold. Massage scalp for child is also good for intellect improvement.
How to do this magic massage? Let us learn it together. Make your two hands warm by chafing which can arrest cold come into head. Then press the scalp from forehead to back with your ten fingers. Then do it again with more strength. Do it for 30 times.

How long do you want to live

Live forever is a myth for all people no matter ancient or mordern, native or foreign. Well how long can we expected to live and what is the obstruction of getting that aim?

Aristoteles think humanbeings lifespan is 6 to 7 times of growing period, which is  100 to 140 years old. Another saying is that lifespan is 10 times longer than  sexual maturity period, which is 108 to 145 years old.
What is the view of old Chinese? As Book of Docements says, 120 years old called long life, which is quite similar to other sayings.
However, what the reality is? As a report says, the average lifespan of Chinese man is 71, and 74 of Chinese women.
It is only half of expected lifespan. Why? The biggest enemy is disease. Most people die before their expected age due to kinds of disease such as heart attack, high blood pressure, cancer, stroke,etc. Read more…

Porridge for Cold

Except for go to the doctor’s and take medicine, what other method to do to fight against cold?

In Chinese there has many ways such as ginger and brown sugar soup. It is quite efficient to some extent. However, not all cold can disappear by that, just wind-cold type of common cold can be efficient.
Cold can be de divided into wind-heat type of common cold and wind-cold type of common cold.
Wind-cold type has the symptoms of feeling cold, with light fever, clear snot, white coat of tongue, clear and white phlegm, cough slight, feel fatigue and so on. Well wind-heat type of common cold has heavier fever and slight feeling of cold, angina, cough, yellow snot, thick and yellow phlegm, headache and so on.
Here are two kind of porridge for each type of cold. Read more…

Step on mung beans to tonify heart

Heart is the most important organ inside our body. It also belongs to the five internal organs in Chinese medicine. Heart disperse blood to the whole body, and in Chinese medicine, all pulse are come from it.

If you have some symptom such as palpitation, sense of suppression in the chest, insomnia, forgetful, irritable, or you have some pain at precordial region, it is time to tonify your heart immediately.

Here is a common method to do to protect your heart. And the name of it is step on mung beans.

Read more…

How to Protect Your Stomach

Do not eat cold food as possible as you can. In Chinese medicine it is said cold will damage stomach yang, then cold will stay there which makes more damage.

Have a good mood. In Chinese medicine it is said anxiety will damage spleen, angry will damage stomach. So keep a good mood, smile everyday and make yourself happy.

Do not eat too much oily food and sweet food. Oily food will affect the function of spleen, make digest turn slow. Sweet food will affect the movement of qi, leave it stay in stomach. Too much qi in it will lead to stomachache and other uncomfortable feelings.

Regular diet. Eat regular is important to our health. Do not eat too much nor too quick. Both of them is harmful to your stomach. Read more…

Banana is good except for cold constitution

As you know banana is good fruit because it can prevent from Alzheiner’s disease, hypokalemia and constipation. And it can prevent depression so it is also called happy fruit.

However, it doesn’t mean banana fit for all people to eat. In Chinese medicine, people of cold constitution had better avoid from eating banana too much.

In Chinese medicine, banana belongs to cold food, it will make your body cold so people with cold constitution who often feel weak and cold should eat less banana. If you often feel Read more…

Nourish lung after autumn

August 8,2011 is a solar terms called autumn begins in Chinese culture. That means autumn is coming after that day. Tough it is cool at night, it is still hot in the day. So you may not realize that autumn is coming. However, the regimen should be changed for your body.

Autumn is a interim period of the change of yinyang. Yang is going to disappear and yin begins to grow. Lung has some relationship with the season autumn. If your lung qi is weak, Read more…

Food can also be medicine

Some animals and plants can both be food and medicine to cure disease, which called food and medicine have the same origin. For instance, ginseng can tonify qi, lily can reduce cough, Chinese-date can nourish blood and take care of spleen and stomach, Chinese yam can tonify kidney and control nocturnal emission. Chinese herb medicine is popular because of its convenient and cheap to buy and it can easily be collocated with normal food . This kind of food is called medicated food or medicated porridge. And the most popular ones are the seed of Job’s tears and hawthorn. Read more…

Know tonifying before tonifying

Due to lacking of knowledge of how to tonify and taboo of tonify some people tonify as they like or even excess which lead to the opposite result as they will. So if you want to tonify properly, you should know how to tonify first.

Mistakes of tonifying.

Tonify incorrectly. Some patients of diabetes do not know some tonifying medicine contain much sugar in it, so if taking too much such kind of medicine can not get the result as desire, however, it can aggravate the former disease. Read more…