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Sun Simiao Regimen

sunsimiaoSun Simiao, one of the most famous Chinese mediciner of China wrote a book named Regimen Rules. In that book he said that you

should pay more attention to avoid drunk at night and you should not be angry in the morning is also important.

At night, qi in our body is restrain while the wine is make qi go outside.
But in my opinion, to be angry in any time is not healthy. Maybe in the morning is more important, but what we should do is get away from bad temper, be happy every minute and do not drink too much then we can live longer.

Prepare Your Body Before Taking Medicine

kailuyaoThere is a good kind of medicine in Chinese called cream formula. But it is not proper for all people. You should p

repare yourself before taking it. If you have not take Chinese medicine before, your body can not accept it immediately. So you need take other herb medicine first. If your stomach and spleen is weak, they can not work well for digest cream formula. You should also take some common herb medicine which can amendment your stomach to have a good function.

Blood Stasis

cream fomulaWhen you get older, you may find many changes of your body occur gradually. You may get colored patches on your face and arms and often have cold hands and feet. Why these things happen to old

people? You can say it is so called aging. But to other words, in detail, it is blood stasis which caused these above.
Blood stasis

means blood block in vessel. It will cause many function disorder. Having ugly colored patches, feel cold and can not easily recover from it. And palmic and fatigue happen sometimes.
The best way to deal with blood stasis is to make it smooth again. This is a way of regimen. In Chinese medicine there is a good kind of drug called cream formula.